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LSAgent and roaming Clients

Hey Lansweeper Community,I'm on the way to push out the new LSAgent within my infrastructure but still have a few questions left. One of them is, how LSAgent will behave in roaming-clients scenarios. Let's say I have 2 locations: London and Berlin; c...

psluke by Engaged Sweeper
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Installed software as custom field

Hi.I have made a custom field for our assets to display if it got Acronis software installed or not ( Checkbox )I wonder if there is a way to automaticly get that checkbox ticked if the software exists on the asset?

Svante by Engaged Sweeper II
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Win 10 OS build not picked up

I have attached a screen shot, but some of our windows 10 machines don't show the OS build number, even though they have just been scanned. I can't work out why some don't show up.

markharry by Engaged Sweeper III
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Display Report in Knowledge base

We have all our department information and telephone numbers in Active Directory (I know people should use the address book in Outlook). But I have created a report to display a list of users sorted by their departments and then display their extens...

Software Deployment Via AD Group

Hi Guys,Was hoping someone could assist me with a report.We are currently re-organising our AD structure and part of the structure is I would like to setup software deployments by AD groups.From my understanding Lansweeper can do this, however I need...

Trigger to send eMail on Priority change?

Hello community.On highly critical topics we do have a process to frequently update a broader group of audience on the status. We call this a P1 or P2 incident. I would like to have lansweeper manage this communication automatically. But I did not fo...

olgr by Engaged Sweeper II
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Asset List - Default Display Count

Is it possible to set the default line count when displaying the Asset List?We have 419 assets displayed when we click on the "Assets" List. The default view displays 250 items. We need to use the drop down to the right where we can choose between ...

remove repeated users in lansweeper report

I produce a report for users who have Microsoft office software, but each user is repeated more than 10 times because they have different types of Microsoft office software. Is there a way that I can limit them. I want each user will be appear only o...