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Engaged Sweeper III
Hi Is there a way to set scheduled tasks for the helpdesks, so every week we get a helpdesk ticket?

Champion Sweeper
This really needs to be a feature.....
Engaged Sweeper III
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
Unfortunately it is not yet available.
As a workaround however, you could set up recurring mails to be sent to your Helpdesk email account, which would get imported and in a way function as automated ticket creation. Using ticket dispatching rules you can further customize it to your specific needs.

I did an online search and found this example on how to create recurring email messages in outlook:
Engaged Sweeper
is this possible yet?

reoccurring tickets would be a great feature to have
Engaged Sweeper II
It seems to me that you could simply add the Helpdesk ticketing email address (defined in Configuration > E-mail settings) to the Event. When a reminder triggers, Lansweeper would see the email as a new ticket. This should work from any calendaring system including Outlook or Google Calendar as long as the Helpdesk ticketing email address is included as a recipient. You'd probably want to suppress any "invite" emails to prevent an extra Ticket from being generated. Seems this would work for one-off as well as recurring events.
Engaged Sweeper III
Hi Thanks for that how would we create a repeating calendar entry that creates a ticket?
Champion Sweeper III
It is currently not possible to have a ticket be automatically generated in Lansweeper. An alternative would be to setup a reminder that repeats itself every week to create the ticket in the calendar that will give you a notification in Lansweeper.