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Engaged Sweeper
This Thread is driven by my dislike of also allowing VNC many places, and I rather use things already in the environment, or part of the OS Suite. I accept MACs may still be VNC, but that is a different discussion 😛
Sidenote: I have been a customer about 6 weeks.

Let me start the discussion with:
Synopsis: Utilize SCCM Client for RDP/Remote Control through SCCM agents
Action: {actionpath}CmRcViewer.exe {smartname}
Requires: SCCM, SCCM Agents deployed, Firewall Rules for communication


(Homebrew Windows 10 RDP Shadowing)
>> I wrote this in a few hours (on 10/31/2019), just to test the possibilities would love to see this "stub" become fully functional and part of Lansweeper Main branch. However, currently very ROUGH and DIRTY in my opinion.
Synopsis: Utilizes RDP Shadow (windows 10)
Source (me):
Action: powershell -exec bypass -Command "{actionpath}RDPRemote.ps1 -Computer "{smartname}" -LSPath '{actionpath}' "
Requires: RDP and Admin rights on the machine connected to from the user running the process.

Feel Free to adapt this format for action / Powershell script to run other actions as other users or for other scripts. No attribution needed, nor warranty or support is implied for my code by this post.


Got more list and I will add to this list.
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
Teamviewer is detailed here:

Dameware remote control also has a few topics here:
Honored Sweeper
I use IntelliAdmin. It will install the Agent if its missing and can uninstall it afterwards. Similar to Dameware Mini Remote, but alot smaller foot print.

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