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Engaged Sweeper
Has anyone figured out a way to still utilize lansweeper to deploy packages without having windows administrative shares enabled on client devices? I have shares disabled for security reasons, and doing so broke my ability to use lansweeper for easy deploys. There are other ways I can call tasks to windows remotely that still work, but it doesnt seem like i have the ability to go in the background of lansweeper and change the commands of how it is calling packages to deploy (seems to use psexec currently, and that is broken with admin shares disabled).

I searched for other topics on this but i didnt find any. If this has been covered already in a past topic does anyone have a link to that?
Honored Sweeper
I brought a car.
The requirements of that car are to have roads to drive on to get me from A to B.
I have removed the roads.
I still want to get from A to B.
Can I make the car fly?

Sorry but without changing the way the application works then no. The requirements of the application to work is that it needs those shares. Can you setup / change your group policy to allow those adminshares but only for the Lansweeper account?