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Engaged Sweeper II
When building a new computer for someone, you like to be sure that all of the software that was installed on their old computer is on their new computer. LanSweeper has all the information already, so to be able to provide a list of all software on Computer A that is not on Computer B, it would allow the staff to install that new software or provide a list to the end user to see what they still need.

To expand on this, you may also want to compare the hardware specs on two computers.

To go even further, you could even add a feature where you select a computer and bring back all matching computers based on criteria a user selects. For example, a user could choose a computer and then bring back matches where the hard drive was equal or better, the memory was equal or better, etc. The possibilities are endless.
Engaged Sweeper III
Yep, I'd love an "Asset compare" feature for comparing 2 (or even more) assets of the same type.
I'd tried the report approach... it's not the same thing as having a distinct option on the asset page.
Lansweeper Alumni
I'm not sure whether a separate feature will be implemented for this, as you could build custom SQL reports to list this information under Reports/Create New Report. A sample "comparison" report was posted here a while back.