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Engaged Sweeper III
I have found the tracking for logontime and will be making use of that. I would like to see the logoff events tracked as well. It would be nice if it could be an extra field in the current table and matched to the corresponding logontime but I will take it even if it is a separate entry.
Engaged Sweeper II
Hi there,

I also need the same thing but the solution that was given 4 years ago was different from the current version. Kindly update or better, help please to have a report that can return all login/logout activities of a selected user or users. Thank you so much in advance.
Lansweeper Alumni
You can track logoffs using eventlog scanning.

- Enable logon/logoff tracking in the client's event viewer.
- Scan the events using Lansweeper. Don't forget to enable scanning of the necessary event types in the configuration console under Scanning Servers\Your Server\Options\Eventlog Scanning.
- Create a report to show all logons/logoffs/computer lock events on a computer.