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organize reports within folder

Hi,We intensively use reports and create custom one . Practically it is difficult to find a relevant one , and clicking on the menu displays a long list of reports.From a Gui and management point of view , it would be pretty great to organize the rep...

maya by Engaged Sweeper II
  • 2 replies
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Scanner Model Report

Does anyone know how to get a report from lansweeper of USB scanner models and their associated PCs? If the scanner shows up under Imaging Devices in Device Manager I am hoping there is a way to view this in lansweeper but I have not found one so fa...

matthew1g by Engaged Sweeper III
  • 6 replies
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Approve software only for certain PCs or Users

We use the Unapproved Software list to constantly monitor when new apps get installed without permission from IT. Typically, I can see the new app pop-up, if we approved it to be installed, then I will change it to Allowed Software in Lansweeper. How...

sarmo by Engaged Sweeper III
  • 4 replies
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Password Reset and GINA hook

I know LanSweeper is working on a ticket system, which I am looking forwards to! To make LanSweeper a very useful tool for a complete IT package, a password reset/unlock account portal with a GINA hook would be very useful. This would allow any net...

JTempleton by Engaged Sweeper III
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IP Location Management

I know this is only entered once per subnet, but to be able to enter the IP ranges using the /24 or /26 for example instead of having to manually calculate when network teams just give you a list of them.We have over 150 and had to calculate half of ...

Computer Documents

Currently, you can add documents against a computer, but it would be useful if these could be hyperlinks to documents on the network to ensure we are linking to the latest version.Also, to websites, such as the application support company for a serve...