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Engaged Sweeper II
Some wishes for the Licensing functionality of LS:

- adding License Type "Upgrade"
-- ability to link Upgrade licenses with their base license / product. (to make the base license / product a "needed for" the upgrade)

- add a custom license to an asset
- the Key field (in add new -> order) should be a Textbox instead of text field
- ability to link a license (key) to an Asset (Computer or User)
- don't limit the ability of comparing licenses only to "installed software" but also to the keys found (scanned)/ linked manually.
- moving the license type, count, contract (etc.) fields to "purchase" instead of "Information" tab. So +1 to that:


Here's a lengthy example why: let's say we have "Outlook XXXX". 100 Licenses Volume, 10 single licenses.

Now we go to Software License Tracking -> Edit purchased licenses -> add.
Were choosing "Outlook xxxx" from the list. In the information Tab, choose "Volume". Change to Software tab, choosing all Outlook XXXX Installations. Order Tab, # of Licenses 100, add a key.

Now the License Compliance says we're missing 10 Licenses.

We cannot add 10 Single User Licenses b/c in the "Add new License" list, Outlook XXXX won't appear anymore.
Of Course we can overwrite that, choosing a Random Product and renaming it to "Outlook XXXX Single". But then again, as soon a we pick all Outlook XXXX installations in the Software tab, and adding the 10 single licenses in "Order".

Now the Report will tell us

We're missing 10 Licenses in "Outlook XXXX" (<- volume)
and we're missing 100 Licenses in "Outlook XXXX Single"
Engaged Sweeper
Excellent ideas!
We're also moving all license related tracking into LANsweeper, upgrades is one of the things we don't know how to handle, after an upgrade the old version should be 'obsolete' unless downgrade eligibility applies.
We purchased 100 MS Office 2010 and 20 MS Office 2013 licenses
We installed 110 MS Office 2010
This should show on report as compliant.

CALS (Windows\Exchange\SharePoint) is another complicated issue
Engaged Sweeper II
Oh, and please add a "contract" feature to the OS-Licenses as well.

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