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Asset page - Display BIOS Version

Hello!Is there any chance that in the future we can see the BIOS version and maybe the release date of it? As I checked for Dell Windows PCs I got these information by checking SMBIOBIOSVersion and ReleaseDate properties of a Win32_BIOS class instanc...

cic75 by Engaged Sweeper
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Switch config download and display

I would love it if Lansweeper downloaded switch configurations and displayed their information in the asset's tab.This can be achieved via either SSH / Telnet / SNMP This way we can search and generate reports based on switch configuration data.Maybe...

dkramer by Engaged Sweeper II
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Microsoft APP-V virtualized Applications

Our software model is moving towards more applications being published and loaded as Microsoft APP-V applications with SCCM. Currently it appears that lansweeper cannot "find" these apps since they do not have typical entries in the uninstall folder ...

Kboyer by Engaged Sweeper III
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Search for registry Key without value

I've set up some custom scanning in our environment but was trying to figure out a way to scan for a particular registry key without regard to what's underneath...or perhaps some kind of wildcard.Example: HKCU\Software\TheThingImLookingForand then r...

User Page - editable fields

Is it possible to add editable fields to the user page?for example to assign special keyboards or to add comments about the user

Slicer by Engaged Sweeper III
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The user image.

Hi,In lansweeper you have the option to show the user picture.Now you have to store it in the folder userpictures.It's a nice feature.The ability to read it (or extract it) from the active directory would be even better.In our organisation we store t...