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Active Scanning IP Range Exclusion

We have some domain member laptops we would like to exclude from Active scanning while they are connected via VPN. We do want them to be scanned when they are connected via LAN. Firewalling will prevent scanning, but will show the laptop in error. ...

sandve by Engaged Sweeper III
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Enhancement Request - Customized Asset Details

The capability of creating custom dashboards is great. It would be even better if we could customize the asset details view in the same manner. I would love to create a customized summary page and also create a compliance tab as it would be extreme...

atkinsjd by Engaged Sweeper II
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GLPI connector

Is any development to create a connector to link inventory with GLPI? I use the helpdesk of GLPI but want to tag a specific equipment and Lansweeper can provide the complete list of my infrastructure.

tgrignon by Engaged Sweeper
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Windows Experience Index Report

I would like to see a report for Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 that reports the "Windows Experience Index"Base Score:ComponentsProcessor:Memory (RAM):Graphics:Gaming Graphics:Primary hard disk:Is there a way to retrieve this? Or is the a future Featur...

Rescan assets

Hi,Is it possible to have the "Rescan Asset" feature as a context menu option when I move the mouse cursor over the Asset name (like the ones we already have: Summary, Config, Software, etc)?Another option could be to improve "Rescan Assets" button i...

BeatleUy by Engaged Sweeper II
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Feature Request: Unauthorized Administrators

We have a few administrators that are authorized on certain machines, but we would still like them to show up in the “Computer: Unauthorized Administrators” report if they are added as admins on other machines they are specifically assigned to. I’ve...

jrae by Engaged Sweeper
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VMware vSphere Product License Key

Hi Guys,I'd like to be able to write a report that lists all of our VMware hosts with the VMware License Key assigned to them. Is this information captured anywhere?Thanks,TimC.

TheTimC by Engaged Sweeper II
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Automatic Asset Grouping

I'm not sure if this is currently possible, but if not, could it be added to the wishlist?I was wondering if it was possible to have lansweeper automatically put assets into groups?For example, I'd like to create an Asset Group named "IT" and have la...