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Software Authorization

hi,the following things would be nice to be added to the software authorization page:- possibility to add custom options to approve software (e.g. approve, deny, server approved, client approved, ...)- add a "version" coloumn to better distinguish di...

FrankW by Engaged Sweeper III
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Antivirus Detection

Lots of new security products are coming out that offer multiple security services. I think it would be a good move for Lansweeper to get away from detecting AV products by looking for product names in the Add/Remove software list.My company is using...

Report action "rescan assets" sanity check

Not sure if it has been asked but could the option "rescan assets" present in most reporting pages please have an additional check put in place to warn (via a second "are you sure" prompt) the user that the action will queue up X amount of assets for...

ghelpdesk by Champion Sweeper
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Thin Client Detection

It would be nice to see the program detect/inventory thin clients with their make and model at the least.Currently it looks like they show up as webserver objects.

Software - Authorized and more

There are currently 3 options for software. Allowed, UnAuthorized, and Neutral. I would suggest a 4th called out of date.I have thousands of computers in the campus network. Authorized is ok, Unauthorized is things I want to stop being used on the...

murpmic by Engaged Sweeper III
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Scan by Device Type

It would be great to be able to schedule weekly scanning by device type, like Printers for example. I do it manually now, but being able to schedule it would be much more efficient. Our printers are in different subnets, so IP range doesn't work for ...

Stewie by Engaged Sweeper II
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