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How about...

...a syslog server?Just a thought.There are many devices other than PCs that provide a means of reporting to a syslog server.

John_Lamb by Engaged Sweeper
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Is there any feature planed for "HelpDesk" usage?So like log calls from end-pc-users, self-help-portal or ticketing system?

SyncMasta by Engaged Sweeper III
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Software language

I need to know the language of the scanned software. Is there any possibilities to get that? I know that you can get the language of the OS (tblOperatingsystem.OSLanguage) but I would like to have the language of the installed software.... Something...

Ola by Engaged Sweeper
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Group Operating System Licenses

Hi there,I'm just missing one feature with the current (4.1) version of Lansweeper and that's the grouping of OS licenses. My company has different Server Versions installed (2003,2008,2008R2) and those are all covered by one volume license. So there...

Ryko by Engaged Sweeper
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User Details - Home Drive

It would be nice when you type in the persons name for AD and it brings up user details it could list the home folder so we know at a glance which server their home drive resides on.THanks.Jayme

pjayme by Engaged Sweeper
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More information about "IE: unauthorized ..."

Hi there,the reports about unauthorized IE bars, BHOs, Extensions and ActiveX Controls some cases show little information. It would be nice, if LanSweeper could assist finding out what the specific CLSID is if there is no information in system for it...

Fossy777 by Engaged Sweeper III
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Allowed software

Future version request:Allowed software today is based on the program name, like "Myapplication 2.9".If the program is set up more properly and uses "version" the program will be "Myapplication" and in the version field it will be 2.9Today with Lansw...

ifm by Champion Sweeper
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