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File Scanning Additions

Can you please add the ability to record the following attributes of a file when using the file scanning feature in addition to the File version:File descriptionProduct nameProduct versionThanks!

mdouglas by Engaged Sweeper III
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Automatic uninstall not approved applications

Hello,We are using your premium app and it's very good for check our "a lot of many" company computers I would ask your team, if poosible in future, to implement the function that the server uninstall automatically all not approved software.You can a...

s_basso by Engaged Sweeper
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Possible suggestion

Having recently installed Lansweeper and whilst in the middle of configuring, I notice that when I look at the Licence Compliance I can see a header naming the software and underneath this a list of the software I have added to that group. Would it ...

phawkes by Engaged Sweeper
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Incorporate Script Ability

Would be great to incorporate the running of special Scripts under the Service account.Our Example would be to run the scan, if WMI error encountered, run the rebuild then try the Scan again.

Kboyer by Engaged Sweeper III
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Notes for Devices

I would like to be able to write some notes (exspecially Changes and Reasons etc.) to the history of a Syncmasta : HDD failure; Changed HDD; Install Image

SyncMasta by Engaged Sweeper III
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LSPUSH for Device Scaning on remote subnets

some LSpushDevice ...So I can have a scan on remote subnets so i can see the MAC address for devices that do not scan any other way (ie no ports open)...Or a remote agent that can run on remote servers on remote subnets to assist in scanning for devi...

danielm by Champion Sweeper II
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Acknowlegde messages

Hello,I'd love the possibility to acknowlegde messages.For example: I have 11 PCs that have Service Pack 2 installed. This is because some software running on those machines is not compatible with SP3. This means that I have a bright red warning on t...

jberner by Engaged Sweeper
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