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Add support for Office 365 GCC High

It would be nice if you added support for Azure Government, Office 365 GCC High and Intune Government. I don't think you would have to change much in terms of the code other than the urls you are connecting to.Azure Government -

alongejm by Engaged Sweeper
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Default sort order and sort column on Assets page

Hi All,very new to Lansweeper. When I go to the assets page, by default it shows everything in name order. I'd like the default to be IP Address order.If I click on the IP address column, it changes the sort to IP address, but in descending order n...

lhs by Engaged Sweeper
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Moving columns in the "Mass Edit Assets" view

Is it possible to hide or move columns when in the "Mass Edit Assets" view? For the changes I need to make, I need a few custom columns, the asset name and the asset MAC address all in view at the same time. Currently I'd need to match the MAC addres...

cbeydler by Engaged Sweeper III
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Simple Approval ticket

Hi,Is there a way to create a simple approval ticket for the purchase department. Let's say i generate a ticket with an invoice of a subscription. The manager just needs to approve it, so the IT support staff can pick up the ticket and make the purch...

Gaston by Engaged Sweeper
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Product bug

I have noticed a bug where our Chrome OS devices are somehow being recognized as Windows devices.  These are systems that were originally Windows but switched over to Chrome OS.  I have removed them and rescanned and they keep showing in the Windows ...

Ed by Engaged Sweeper III
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