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Support for Sysmon

Am looking to get alerts for sysmon events. As these dont appear in system , security or applicaiton lansweeper cant see

Improved Knowledge Base

It would be great if there were more features available when it comes to the Knowledge Base such as additional formatting beyond the basic rich text. Built in templates to help with standardization. Built in Note or Warning fields that you can insert...

Number of User Profiles on a computer

We are a hospital so each device is used by many many people and devices can have hundreds of user profiles stored in C:\Users.We would like to be able to see it on the asset page for a device and also report on it, the number of profiles on the devi...

Priority Scanning

I would like the ability to force Lansweeper to move an asset that is in the scanning queue to the top of the list.With over 600+ assets being scanned every day at noon (Scheduled) I would like to suggest that (if an asset is already in the scanning ...

Tythesly by Engaged Sweeper III
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Adding Document Preview to asset

Is it possbile that we get a auto preview on the assest page of the document instead of downloading it on the device. There was/is a post about this from 3/18/2013


I know I am not the only user who would like to see Lansweeper offer MFA. There is far too much sensitive data accessible in Lansweeper to not offer it.Is there an estimated timeframe of when this will be available?

WR_MEM by Engaged Sweeper II
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Export data from Dashboard Widget

I know we can go to reports and do an export but it would be much more convenient to be able to export data from the widget. Or at the very least a hyperlink in the widget to the report.