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Scan Eventviewer Application and Services Logs

Hi,It would be great if Lansweeper would be aple to scan a specified Event Applications and Services LogsFor instance Microsoft-Windows-Sysmon/OperationalI fully understand that all would be to much load but a specific one would be great since more a...

mecha by Engaged Sweeper II
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Default ticket configuration

It's been years since my original setup, but I remember having this same problem during the original configuration, namely: How do I configure the default ticket layout? I haven't been able to find the online documentation that I used previously.Th...

Deployment package to start other packages

Let's say I have Flash, Reader, and Shockwave with each it's own package. Let's say I want to make an Adobe package that installs all three. Right now I have to reproduce what I am doing with the three individual packages in one package. Now let's...

sullivane by Champion Sweeper III
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Quick copy a asset to new

When you need to add 1 to 5 asset, it takes some time create the sheet to do the import of asset. An example is when we do an inventory and find an asset missing in Lansweeper. Then I should be nice just to open an already existing asset and with a k...

beandre by Engaged Sweeper
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view document in the license

Hello,i attach a document in one of my software license and i wanted it to be available to view by all users.i dont want to provide permission for users to enter the edit menu. is there any option to preview the document?

only scan printer

hello is it possible to configure lansweeper to scan only printer when i start a network asset discovery?regards

broussou by Engaged Sweeper
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Querying a proprietary web server or web service?

We are running a couple of non-standard web servers which expose a couple of web services. These are obviously not detected nor checked via LANSweeper's standard scanners. But to be useful to us, we would need to enable LANSweeper to check whether th...

mmoser by Engaged Sweeper II
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Not use MS SQL

Given the price tag associated with running MS SQL in a large VM environment, it would be stellar if MariaSQL or PostreSQL were available options. We're currently under pressure to drop Lansweeper due to the MS SQL expenses. Our environment is t...