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Edit Work Time Enhancements

We need to be able to have the ability to edit the date of a time entry on a ticket. Ideally, it would be limited to certain roles (i.e. a supervisor can edit their own time plus help desk personnel time, but help desk personnel cannot modify the dat...

sbAYVdQu by Engaged Sweeper III
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Assign switch port to location map

Hello, Location maps are basically useless for anything other than VERY fixed assets. Currently you assign an asset to spot on the map and it stays there till it is forgotten and then you go to find it and it has moved since it is a slight PITA to up...


Dear Supporti searched but i had no luck.I need a report of the SATA mode in bios settings (AHCI, RAID) from the network computersis this possible ?thank you

yiannis by Engaged Sweeper
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Network and shared printers

Hi, I would like to add Network and shared printers to the configuration/devices/printer tab. It only shows local and virtual printers as Adobe PDF, Send To OneNote.Is this possible? I do not want to create a new report, just see them under printer t...

Change Subject doesn't change E-Mail Subject

Hi,if we change the subject in an Ticket the subject in the mail that is send to the user doesn't change.Also we don’t have the Edit-Button described in but the User-right...

DreierAG by Engaged Sweeper
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Swap asset details between 2 computers?

Is there anyway to select 2 PC's and swap their asset locations quickly? Lets say I have Name: PC 1 Location: Dr officeBuilding: 4I replace it with Name: PC 2Location: (blank)Building: (blank)Is there anyway to swap the location details between those...

WLC 5508 question

Right now Lansweeper pulls in the switchport data, is there any way to get more data? Right now I have to manually assign my AP's to the WLC, is there a way to automate this?Thanks,Ian B

iboyd by Engaged Sweeper III
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Deploy Once After Scanning

Hello,I would like to be able to deploy a package on an asset/group/report and have it run one time successfully after scanning. My recommendation is to be able to schedule a deployment and have it run after scanning, and stop deploying after success...