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Knowledgebase: Versioning, Tagging, Metadata, Export

Versioning: Save X number of previous revisions for historical purposes, with comparison view if you're really feeling fancy.Tagging: Ability to add tags for search and filtering. Alternatively/Additionally add sub-categories as others have suggested...

Lanswiffer by Engaged Sweeper II
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Resolved! lspush upload to a service uri

this way remote computers could run it as a scheduled task or something and rather than upload to a folder or to an email they could upload to something like https://lansweeperserver/uploads ? some kind of service that either sweeps that folder and u...

AZHockeyNut by Champion Sweeper III
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LSPush for Mac OS?

We have several iMac's and MacBook Airs which are almost never inside the network; is there an equivalent to LSPush for Mac OS?

Dov by Engaged Sweeper III
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LSPush encrypted traffic?

We are looking to use LSPush for machines outside the domain so need to know if the data is encrypted in transit. I saw a reply from 2014 that states it is supposed to be implemented in a future version so was wondering if it had been implemented yet...

tcooper by Engaged Sweeper III
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Open LSPUSH.exe scanning port via the internet

HelloI see the new beta version uses HTTPS as per the info below:From Lansweeper version onward, the Lansweeper Server service uses HTTPS instead of HTTP to handle incoming requests by the LsPush scanning agent, which also means that only t...

Facilities by Engaged Sweeper III
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Automatically email LSpush

Is there anyway to Automatically send emails with the LSpush information. At the moment its just open out a new email in outlook. i have got it to run without any interaction to just need to send ti now

Zacs by Engaged Sweeper III
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lspush for linux

This may be more of a post for the wishlist section, but I'm not sure.Is there an equivalent of lspush for linux / mac devices? At the moment we have all our servers pushing their details using lspush and a scheduled task, to reduce the amount of pas...

dkelly84 by Engaged Sweeper
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