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Availability information of agents in helpdesk

It would be nice when users in helpdesk could see if an agent is available at the moment.Agents might change their state (available, not available with ending time), which is shown on the entry screen of helpdesk.

lurchi by Engaged Sweeper
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Optional Report Description

When working with many Complex Reports, it is sometimes hard for other users to understand what content the report is really showing. The name of the report is too short for this.Adding an optional field "Description" to the Report where a more detai...

peewee by Engaged Sweeper II
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AD tags

I would like to have all Active Directory tags, [description] [department] [office] [company] etc to be included in help tickets. If the Helpdesk in Lansweeper can see it, what is stopping the email templates from using it?

jkrelic by Champion Sweeper
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Separation of Windows 10 releases as OS identifiers

Having the ability to create a dynamic group based on the different releases of Windows 10 would be very helpful for certain software deployment scenarios. The specific scenario I'm facing right now, is a deployment of .NET Framework 4.7. The Windows...

pololu by Engaged Sweeper
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Dynamic Deployment Groups

It would be really useful if there where dynamic groups for deployment, where an asset falls out when a particular Deployment has been successful.I’ve been doing this with a combination of Groups and Reports, but that’s gets messy quickly and heavily...

Tomas by Engaged Sweeper III
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Expand ticket dispatch and closing rules

I would like to see the ability to create custom ticket dispatch and ticket closing rules by ticket type (in addition to ticket state)Ticket Dispatch: Add condition = "Ticket Type" with selection list for creating the ruleTicket Closing: Add a se...

Ticket dispatching - Assign to Asset?

We have some recurring processes where this would be handy, for "logging" some nightly sync email summary events... As one example...Here's a mock up of what I mean by assign to an asset...Our summary could be received as a ticket, and auto-assigned ...

miketrike by Engaged Sweeper III
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