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Users Now in Sites: Elevating Your User Data Visibility

Hello everyone! Exciting news on the Lansweeper front today – we're elevating your user data visibility within your Lansweeper sites! We're delighted to announce a robust integration of your users seamlessly alongside your asset and software invento...

Users-Inventory.png Users-Search.png Users-Relations.png
Julien_P by Product Team
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Add asset exclusion for particular scan target group

Is there any way I could add exclusion for certain asset only for some scanning target groups.I got 6 scanning targets, out of that 4 I don't want any network device like router or switch to be scanned. Is it possible?If not can i add a batch of IP a...

HP Server Monitoring probes

Through HPE System Management Homepage I can monitor a lot of probes (from WBEM or SNMP), for example Temperature Sensors and many others.Is it possible to scan these values? I don't want a real time monitoring feature, of course, but an historical s...

ufficioced by Champion Sweeper
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Anyway to Sort Tickets by multiple Locations?

We have multiple locations with similar names amongst other locations.For example, New York CenterNew York NorthNew York SouthI would like to have a tab with just tickets for New York. Only way I can figure out is to have a tab for each Location sin...

mweist by Engaged Sweeper
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Historical Asset State and Custom fields

We are using the Asset state to determine if a device in in repair, etc and also custom fields if returned with charger, Keyboard, etc.Currently there is no historical view for this so we don't know who took the item(s) off the user, when it was chan...

FixitDave by Champion Sweeper
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Add more into to AD users

Please add info to AD users:Account Active:Account Expires:Password last set:Password expires:password changeable:Last Logon:

CHRLAU by Engaged Sweeper III
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Ability to hide or remove asset states

From reading other posts, there is no ability to alter built-in asset states. I realize that there are built in reports and such that are especially linked to Active or Inactive. We have some states we would like to add, but there are other canned ...

jwood_mls by Champion Sweeper
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