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A couple of features

if it were possible to get a widget where you could customize a list of "favorite reports"Also if we could get the POE (Power Over Ethernet) information on switch port as well as combined info as switches have a threshold of watts per port and also f...

kbek by Engaged Sweeper II
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Asset Report - Download Summary

We normally print it to a PDF with <insert your favorite pdf printer here>... However, repeatedly, this is cumbersome if you're doing it on something like 10+ assets...Here's an example of what I mean...Just a recurring dream I guess...

miketrike by Engaged Sweeper III
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Asset Questions

Hey guys2 questions about assets:1 - How can I bulk import an attribute (asset tag) and set the value to a custom attribute? The asset tag maps directly to the asset serial number2 - I would like to import non-windows AD computer objects. All of our ...

bertram by Engaged Sweeper
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integrating sms alerts

I get some report info emailed, and the like but I would love to set up some SMS alerts on critical things, like certain systems down or certain systems running out of space etc I would prefer sms for some things rather than email. just wondering if ...

AZHockeyNut by Champion Sweeper III
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Powercfg info

Hey guys,Had a request to see if we can see the age of batteries with lansweeper. Bit of google fu showed me that someone had a similar question with regards to HP batteries but it seems WMI doesn't store that kind of info (and lansweeper uses WMI to...

Knowledge Base portal

Is there a way to not have users log into the Portal to view KB articles? Not everyone at my company has an AD account/email account.We want our customer service employees to have the ability to view our articles as a reference, and creating an AD ac...

jkrelic by Champion Sweeper
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Mobile Web Interface (Small Screen)

Can we get a mobile web interface for smaller screen devices (<7")? While it is beneficial to have the interface (mostly) working on a tablet, having some basic level of access on a small screen mobile device (eg iphone/android/winphone/BB) would be ...

dkramer by Engaged Sweeper II
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Resolved! Custom scan to read contents of ini file.

Hello,I'm not sure this is possible, but I hope it is. We have an ini file located on our workstations which looks like this:[Connections]count=2Name1=3345Name2=DefaultConnection[3345]type=HCMSupportsSpecialCharacters=1Client Identifier=384739943Conf...

Frazzels by Engaged Sweeper
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