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Engaged Sweeper
We want to scan hundreds of CISCO devices. They are in a non contiguous ranges, So I might have to input couple of hundred ranges in the "IP address Range Scanning " table.

My question is: -

Is there a way to bulk upload the IP address Ranges? I am thinking it can be easier to collect data in an excel sheet and if there is bulk upload facility, I can directly upload them, instead of manually entering them.

In addition- If I specify a very broad range, It might have some broadcast address. If lansweeper pings the broadcast address, I think, it will be an issue. Is there a way around this?
Lansweeper Alumni
You can add IP ranges to be scanned with batch scanning. But when you add them here the assets will only be scanned once. If you want to scan the IP ranges on a schedule then you need to use IP range scanning method.
Engaged Sweeper
When I go to Configuration -> Scanning Method, I see, a box for "Batch Scanning".
I also see a upload functionality to upload a csv or txt file with list of IP Ranges.

Is this not the way to bulk upload IP Address ranges?
Lansweeper Alumni
We will add this to our wishlist. We cannot assure you that this is going to be implemented. This is because we receive so many feature request that we have to make a selection.

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