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Users Now in Sites: Elevating Your User Data Visibility

Hello everyone! Exciting news on the Lansweeper front today – we're elevating your user data visibility within your Lansweeper sites! We're delighted to announce a robust integration of your users seamlessly alongside your asset and software invento...

Users-Inventory.png Users-Search.png Users-Relations.png
Julien_P by Product Team
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Contract Management

I would love to see an option to enter (and link to vendor) support contact information. For example, if I own 20 licenses for 'Mastercam 2017' I currently enter that information into the Software License Tracking tab in LS, but there is no where to...

RTI_IT by Champion Sweeper
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"Report Option" URL Parameter

It would be convenient if it were possible to automatically run a 'Report Option' when a report is visited via a custom link.Example:/report.aspx?det=web40repcomputersnew7days&title=Computer%3a+New+computers+found+in+the+last+7+days&RO=PingAssets

sandve by Engaged Sweeper III
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Lansweeper BGInfo integration

BGInfo tool allows some PC information to be visible from the desktop (ip, name, logon server, OS Name, etc.) so it's easy for users and administrators to gather important data from the computer without going to complex commands.It be great to be abl...

lepezit by Engaged Sweeper
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Trigger an action, from an SNMP trap event.

EXAMPLE: We have routers set up at remote locations that do two things. One is they offload all internet traffic to a local provider, (keeping it off the corporate WAN and freeing up bandwidth), and Second, we set up a fail-over VPN tunnel. The VPN t...

IFIT by Engaged Sweeper III
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Help Desk - Our Wish List

Lansweeper Help Desk is an excellent choice for ticketing. It is not expensive, and it's pretty easy to use. I like the custom fields, and the configuration is pretty easy. Here are some improvements we'd like to see in future versions of the help ...

dpoll7428 by Engaged Sweeper II
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Rethinking Documentation - Using Asset Groups?

Documentation by server is handy, but we've recently been going to "system" documentation. System, defined in this context, as a collection of hardware, software, networking, and configuration to constitute a service.System documentation could inclu...

milpo2717 by Engaged Sweeper
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The ability to have more than one active state

Since most of the reports and filters in Lansweeper filter out states other than "Active", the state field basically is limited to one active state and multiple inactive states. I'd like to see the ability to configure states to include more than one...

lqstota by Engaged Sweeper
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