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Engaged Sweeper II
If I need to deploy several packages to one or more clients I have to do a lot of waiting. I would like to see a way to choose more than one package for deployment.

For example I recently had to uninstall software to install a newer version (yes, what kind of stupid software doesn't have a simple update routine? I know and agree but I'm not the dev). For the new version to work properly Java had to upgraded as well. So that ment 1 package to uninstall, 1 to upgrade and 1 to install.
I know that I can put everything in 1 package but I woulld like to keep uninstalls seperate from installs and so on.

So a feature to chain packages where one after the other is being worked off would be great.
Lansweeper Alumni
The ability to "link" deployment packages has been requested by other customers as well, but we do not have an estimated release date for this feature unfortunately.