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Engaged Sweeper II
now you have added 'assets' to LanSweeper - would it be possible to add a small ticket system? Than lansweeper would be perfect! We also would pay for the ticket system of course.

The ticket system should have this features (at the end):

- technican assigned to ticket (with history)
- user assigned to ticket
- asset assigned to user / ticket
- state: open / closed / waiting
- at the asset you could see all tickets to this asset

and i think there would be some more wishes from other users... So - would that be an interesting 'add-on' for LanSweeper?

Another idea is to find a ticket software which could be fully connected with lansweeper. Is there any software doing this in the moment?

Kind Regards,
Daniel Merbecks
Engaged Sweeper II
Hello, is an internet-service, right? And lansweeper is a local installed service - so I think, that's not the perfect integration...

Think about your internet connection - cut your internetconnection, cut your helpdesk?

Kind Regards,
Daniel Merbecks
Engaged Sweeper
I woudl be very nice if you integrated with ZenDesk!