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Engaged Sweeper III
For the out-of-box reports we can not edit, it would be nice if there were an option to create a new report based off the oob report (use it like a template).
Lansweeper Alumni
There's no button for this at the moment - we'll add it to the wish list - but you can use a workaround.

Most automatically generated pages use queries stored in the tsysDBobjects database table, which you can view using the report builder. To see which query a page is reading from, have a look at the URL. The screenshot attached to this post shows a page that reads from web50get1IPlocation.

You can use the queries stored in tsysDBobjects to make new reports, but please do not make changes to tsysDBobjects itself unless you're intimately familiar with SQL. If you incorrectly edit the table, you'll break your Lansweeper installation. As tsysDBobjects stores many queries, we would also recommend filtering the table to locate specific queries. E.g. run the report below to find web50get1IPlocation’s SQL query.
Select Top 1000000 tsysDBobjects.DBobjName,
From tsysDBobjects
Where tsysDBobjects.DBobjName = 'web50get1IPlocation'
Engaged Sweeper III
+1 - This would be a handy feature.

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