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Users Now in Sites: Elevating Your User Data Visibility

Hello everyone! Exciting news on the Lansweeper front today – we're elevating your user data visibility within your Lansweeper sites! We're delighted to announce a robust integration of your users seamlessly alongside your asset and software invento...

Users-Inventory.png Users-Search.png Users-Relations.png
Julien_P by Product Team
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Better reporting templates

Lansweeper has done a lot for us. We purchased it because of how well it works. We also purchased additional Helpdesk agent licenses because of how great the helpdesk is coming along. My only criticism of Lansweeper so far is the formatting of any ex...

Null by Engaged Sweeper II
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Filter Custom Actions by Asset Type/Group

It would be really useful if you could configure custom actions so they only display for specific asset types or groups. For example, if we have an asset group that contains printers, we would like to see the custom action that opens that printer's w...

lqstota by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Agent Reports Helpdesk

We have just started using this software and would love to have the ability for daily reports on all closed tickets and tickets that are still open and a break down of what agents have closed what. Is this something that you intend to do?Thanks,David

wilkie1984 by Engaged Sweeper II
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Network Enhancments

I've been regularly running in to two network related issues. First, if a machine has multiple IP addresses, only the most recently scanned one seems to be searchable. Second, if a MAC address is scanned on a switch that does not match an existing de...

ABECU by Engaged Sweeper III
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Information on Manufacturer/Model/Serial on DIMM/RAM

Hello,One think that we liked to have available is more information on physical memory, namely things like Manufacturer, Model, Serial, PartNumber: would helps a LOT on memory upgrade...

fjca by Champion Sweeper II
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Contract Management

I would love to see an option to enter (and link to vendor) support contact information. For example, if I own 20 licenses for 'Mastercam 2017' I currently enter that information into the Software License Tracking tab in LS, but there is no where to...

RTI_IT by Champion Sweeper
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