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Community Manager

Hello all, I recently caught up with Daniel G, (Lansweeper VP of Product Management) to chat about LS Cloud and using a hybrid LS setup as inspired by this Pro Tips video Pro Tips #45: Using a Hybrid Lansweeper Setup - Lansweeper Community - 70531

We also discussed cloud-related topics in the forum like: Does Lansweeper Cloud replace having an on-prem Lansweeper? and Can you / Should you migrate from On-Prem Lansweeper to the Cloud Lansweeper

Here's what Daniel had to say:

💡Thoughts on Lansweeper Sites replacing Lansweeper Classic 

As we see from the posts linked above, many customers are asking whether to move to Cloud or stay On-prem.  The answer to this question depends on where you are in your current implementation of Lansweeper.  You absolutely can move, but we are still working on some value parity areas and migration tools for moving your existing inventory to Lansweeper Sites (aka our Cloud interface). 

The bottom line is that you don’t have to choose.  You CAN use both in parallel. 

There are many reasons to use each environment.  Classic is a familiar environment, Sites provide value-added functionality.  The reality is that you don’t have to choose.  As Esben discusses in Pro Tips #45 “Using a Hybrid Lansweeper Setup”, there are reasons to use both. 

For many organizations, Lansweeper Classic is where they have built their asset management practices.  Going to Lansweeper Sites would mean changing to a new interface and invariably adapting to some changes (it’s still the same product, so adoption should be pretty quick!).  But, the great news is you DON’T HAVE TO change. 

All the data in your Lansweeper Site comes from the inventory you collect using your existing scanners and agents.

Lansweeper Sites provide a lot of new functionality and may help you make the stored information accessible to new users.  Value-added functionality, including vulnerability risk assessment, 3rd party integrations, infrastructure diagrams, and custom views, are great examples of functionality you can access in your Lansweeper Site.  Many of our customers have already adopted this hybrid approach. 

And speaking of accessing information…custom views are invaluable – you can adapt layouts of pages to focus users’ attention on the data they want, hiding information that doesn’t have value for them.  If you manage hardware, then you can set up separate views that hide virtual machines, and show devices that haven’t been scanned in the last X days; if you are a network administrator, view only network devices, etc. 

If you have more than one installation, you can gain other benefits, like identifying duplicate assets, so you can review your scan configurations for overlaps and get global reporting. 

💡Thoughts on security in LS Cloud

Let’s not forget about the security of Lansweeper Site.  Because it’s a Cloud-based interface, we understand our role in maintaining the overall system security and have built security right into our product and processes.  If you want more information about how we protect our Cloud environment, please check out Security - Trust Center - Lansweeper IT Asset Management. 

As a Lansweeper Site administrator, you also have access to multiple capabilities to control and protect access to your environment.  

  1. Login - manage access with multi-factor authentication (MFA) and single sign-on (SSO) – ensuring only authorized users can access your Lansweeper Site.   
  2. DGCapture.JPGPermissions - once in your Site, you define roles that control what portions of our interface users can access and their ability to make changes to existing data
  3. Data -  restrict what subset of data users can see with Asset Scopes.  With Asset Scopes, an IT Manager can get an overview of all the inventory, while Office Managers will only see information about the inventory of devices in their offices. 

So, if you haven’t tried Lansweeper Sites, give them a try.   

Thank you for the insights above @LeoDaniel  @ LS Community if you use both on-prem and Cloud at the moment, let us know how this is going.