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Engaged Sweeper III

Would be nice to have access to clean logs, start/stop the service, and initiate manual scans for LsAgent assets right from the console without having to log in to the server to do so. With our departments being so separate, it's a pain to send the request to Infrastructure, wait for confirmation, wait for approval, wait for them to clear the logs/restart the service, report back, then have me do the updates that I need. There's the option to clear some logs after x number of days in configuration, but a rapid clean option would be great, especially for LsAgent ini settings. A click of a button in configuration that could run a script to clear our logs without having to wait a few days for Infrastructure to look at the ticket would be great.

Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

The best way to raise a product improvement request is to open a ticket with our support team. They will ask for the additional information needed and forward it to our product team.

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Engaged Sweeper III

Getting the GatherLogs from the server is also a pain as I do not have access to the server but am the main point of contact for trying to troubleshoot issues. As the "middle man" having to ask for new logs, run a change request for updating the server, all that is a pain to do. Pulling logs from remote computers is also bothersome as we have to find out when the employee is free for us to remote in and pull logs. Having a quick access to run and obtain a copy of the log on the server side and on the endpoint side would make troubleshooting issues a lot easier.

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