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Champion Sweeper

Good morning!

After years of putting it off, I've finally started to dive into the location mapping feature of Lansweeper.  I uploaded the floorplans that I have available, but they are fairly small.  Well, small enough that having all of the assets for that location *on* the map makes it an absolutely cluttered mess of icons.  For some of our offices, we have anywhere from 45-300 devices.

The zoom feature increases the sizes of the asset icons as well as the actual location image.

Is there a way to either shrink the asset icons (maybe change font size?) or to split the "zoom" feature in the location map to make it *only* zoom in the image, and not the asset tags/labels as well?

If not, please consider this a wishlist request, ha!



EDIT:  I just saw the "toggle asset names" button, which def helps out, but Im still curious about the zoom changes.

Champion Sweeper III

I've been using the location for years now and have the same reservations. Only solution I've found was to double or more the size of background image to allow placement of the assets without too much clutter. More scrolling though. Good news is that the print location(s) maintains the 100% zoomed image and asset relation. No distortion there.

Using Microsoft's PowerToys to resize the images is quick and painless. Just have a high-resolution image to start with.

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