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Engaged Sweeper III
Microsoft exposes the TCP socket table per process through WMI. The Powershell command is:
gwmi -Class MSFT_NetTcpConnection -Namespace Root\StandardCimv2

If we could scan that as well and link it to other assets by their IP address, we could generate tables or diagrams which lay out how servers and services tie together. This would be immensely useful.

OwningProcess, RemoteAddress, RemotePort
Lansweeper Alumni
This feature request was also sent in via email, for everyone else's benefit you can find our response below:

We've added your suggestions to both relevant features that are currently on our internal customer wish list:
  • Scanning additional information from Windows assets (the WMI query)

  • Monitoring features (Service and dependency maps)

At this moment in time we cannot yet guarantee that these features will be implemented though, and we cannot provide you with an estimated release date. Thank you for your feedback!