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Engaged Sweeper III
I am wondering if you are thinking about adding a help desk feature to your product line as this would be most benefecial to our exeising Lansweeper.
Champion Sweeper
With the exception of a User Help tracking system, LS fits most of our needs (as a full user).

Remember you can add more applications onto your Action Screen. At the moment I have various scripts to configure remote PC's and script to update a users WSUS info.

Another program that works great with LS is Autoit, you can do some crasy things with that program.

What I am working on right now is a way to be able to start tasks in the Ghost Solution Suite (2.5) console to be able to create images, clone, configre, install AI packets and migrate users data. All from the Lansweeper action screen. It may not be overly usefull but it sounded cool when I started.

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