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Champion Sweeper
We are using the Asset state to determine if a device in in repair, etc and also custom fields if returned with charger, Keyboard, etc.

Currently there is no historical view for this so we don't know who took the item(s) off the user, when it was changed, when it was returned and what other items the laptop/desktop had once we change the state back to active and clear the custom fields.

It could be added to the History tab.
Lansweeper Alumni
Thank you for your feedback, we've added your feedback and your use case to our feature tracking system. Tracking state change history had been requested before in the past, but custom field change history had not, so I added this. At this moment in time we don't have an estimated release date for this feature yet though.

For now it is already possible to see who made manual changes to an asset though, without seeing the specifics of the change. This information is stored in tblConfigLog. More on this functionality can be found here.