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Engaged Sweeper
Lanswweper App for iOS/Android with following features
- Helpdesk (receive and work with tickets)
- Create an asset manualy
- Scan a barcode to identify an asset
- inventory in equipment warehouse

Engaged Sweeper

Is this actually a product? I can't find any details for a mobile app anywhere for Lansweeper. All my searching only leads me to this brief and uninformative post, where do I find the application (it's doesn't show up in the Apple Store)?

Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

There isn't a mobile application, but you can submit a feature request through the support team for its consideration at

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Sweep that LAN, sweep it!
Engaged Sweeper III
Also to do some basic AD and Inventory searches.

Definitely a wake-on-lan button.

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