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Engaged Sweeper
Hi, When I bought Licenses I receive several information, like Agreement number type of licenses (OEM/SELECT FPP, etc) Supplier, purchase date, location where was bought, etc...

Where Can I store this information? Are you thinking to include "Custom Field" in the licenses tab??


Engaged Sweeper
I would like to see this as well. I think it would also help to be able to set an affinity with recoreded purchases so you can assign purchases to specific nodes. This would help track oem vs retail, SA agreements, upgrade versions, and renewals
Engaged Sweeper
I think that the idea is to create another table like tblsublicenses, with the purchasing information for each license, and then to have some reports to compare the license's table and this new table (specially the quatity bought vs the licenses used)..

When you buy a new licenses, you have the following information:

• Location (Is possible that you buy licenses only for 1 location or for differents locations)
• Vendor
• Purchasing Order
• Invoice Number
• Invoice Date
• Expiration Date
• Licences number
• Licence name (Ex: Visio Std 2003 Win32 OLP NL, Windows Svr Std 2003 OLP NL, etc)
• Version
• Quantity
• Type (OEM/FPP/Select/Open, Download/etc)
• LicenseID ( Asociation with the licenses’s table )
• Price
• Custom1
• Custom2
• Custom3
• Custom4
With this information we can have a good control for the purchasing licenses.

Thanks for your help.


Lansweeper Alumni
This is a good idea for the wish list, let us know how you want to see this work.