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Engaged Sweeper III
I know how to perform a mass deletion of assets in LAN Sweeper using the ASSETS tab, however there are times when I want to delete all of the assets that show up as the result in a report that I have created. When you run the report and get the results, it does not give you the option to delete all of the assets defined in the report. Using he ASSETS tab does not allow you to quickly find or define the set of assets you want to delete, but doing it from a report would be much more efficient.

Is there a way to do this, or is it simply not one of the current options available in LAN Sweeper at the moment? Adding this feature in a future release would be a great option.
Engaged Sweeper III
Hi there, yes I already understand how to filter using the column headers in the Assets page, but sometimes it doesn't give you the exact data you require as accurately as a report would.

Thanks for adding that to the wish list!
Lansweeper Alumni
You can filter the fields on the Assets.aspx page. You can for instance filter on the asset name 'lansweeper' and then all assets with lansweeper in their name will be shown. If you now select all these assets and then click on delete all the selected assets will be deleted.

We will also add the feature to delete assets through a report to the wishlist.