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Engaged Sweeper
It would be helpful if the Computer Information section would have a Last Scanned: field below the First seen and Last seen fields to show the maximum date/time at which any component of the computer was scanned. Since I have configured Lansweeper to perform a weekly scheduled scan of certain OUs in our domain, the Last seen date/time changes weekly, but that doesn't necessarily need that the computer was actually scanned. The Last seen field has been misconstrued by several of the IT folks at some of our sites. Displaying a Last scanned field right up top would be more meaningful instead of having to expand "Scan Times" to see that information.

Engaged Sweeper
Thanks. I look forward to it.
Lansweeper Alumni
version 4.1 will have an additional datetime field:

Lastseen: date the scan actually worked
Lasttried: date the last scan was tried (regardless if it succeeds or not)