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Disk space Trending

Hi,I would like to get a weekly free disk space percentage change on all my servers. I currently see the free space % but I would like to have it compared to the previous week etc and have a % changed beside it.Is this possible?Regards

quagmoto by Engaged Sweeper II
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Option to not log a deployment

Is there a way to exclude logging a package? I have a scheduled package set every night to shutdown our lab desktops if they are on. Well this is 700+ desktops and it's logging every single one and I don't need it to log them.If there is not an opt...

sullivane by Champion Sweeper III
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Is there a way to manage building information?

Is there a way to manage building information in Lansweeper? We have one office per IP range and we were looking to move our current information from OneNote to Lansweeper, but I couldn't find a place to put this information. Just curious if this exi...

jprateragg by Champion Sweeper
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Asset Screen: Who Logged On

We already have on user screen showing "Computers logged onto" per user.. would it be possible to have it on asset screen to see who logged onto asset..

PeterJG by Champion Sweeper II
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Add a new windows events catalog to track

Hi,Is is possible to configure Lansweeper to add a new Windows events catalog in its tracking?For example, I'd like to be able to add the catalog Windows / Microsoft / Group Policy / Operationnal that is under Applications and services logs.I tried ...

jfhallee by Engaged Sweeper III
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Report to pull the attribute "userworkstations"

I need a LS report which looks at all AD users and pulls machine names that are specified under the "Log On To" button for each ad user. In AD the attribute for that is listed as "userworkstations."Anyone have a report like that?Thanks!