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Engaged Sweeper
we currently buy "Windows 10 Professional Get Genuine open license" this gives us keys for windows 10 AND 8.1 AND 7, but one only to be used of them (legally), so i'm using lansweeper to add the licenses but the "order" is for a single key and for one product, is there a workaround or feature so that i can add those licenses ?
Lansweeper Alumni
The type of license you're describing can unfortunately not be accurately tracked currently in the license compliance module. We are working on a rework of the license compliance module though, we've added your feedback to this. At this moment in time we don't have an estimated release date for this rework though.
Engaged Sweeper
just to make the case clearer, we have also win 8.1 OEM, and they are counted with the other 8.1 open license