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Engaged Sweeper II
I am looking to replicate the information from the Microsoft Reliability history, I believe this may come from the Event Log, but the reliability center sums up the information so it's readable rather than looking at a data dump. We'd basically like to have a query that returns date/time, event type, source, and summary. An example of that data would be:

Date/time: 4/7/15 10:20 PM
Event Type: Critical Event
Source: Microsoft Outlook
Summary: Stopped working

Date/time: 2/11/15 4:14 AM
Event Type: Warning
Source: Security update for Windows 7
Summary: Failed windows Update

The Reliability History can be viewed by going to Control Panel, Action Center, Expand Maintenance, and then clicking View Reliability History.
Lansweeper Alumni
To report on event log information, you can build a query based on the tblntlog database tables. There are many sample reports on the forum, like this one for instance. Some caveats however:
  • Lansweeper stores the information as provided by WMI, Windows Management Instrumentation. There's no easy way to summarize this data, particularly the event log messages.
  • The Reliability Monitor seems to be pulling a lot of its data from the Applications & Services Logs, which simply aren't scanned by Lansweeper. This feature is on our wish list, but we don't have a release date for it. Only the Windows Logs are scanned for now.

Getting the same data from Lansweeper, let alone presenting it in the same way, is just not going to be possible. I'll add this feature to the wish list, though it likely won't be a priority. I can't recall anyone asking about or even mentioning the Reliability Monitor before.