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Engaged Sweeper

I use the Lansweeper since 2 years and I love it. But there is a huge deficiency. Why there is not a mobile application. We need;
* to control, add or delete an equipment
* to see QR Code with the special barcode scanner for Lansweeper

I hope it will come quickly

Engaged Sweeper
The whole platform is looking increasingly dated. but in a browser, you can put up with it. But the moment you start tinkering with QR codes it really shows its age. The idea of using QR codes on a phone to manage devices is pretty laughable and now i need to start looking elsewhere for this functionality. options:
- generate a usable mobile view of the existing webpage (easiest)
- create a mobile app. (harder, but best overall outcome)

The system if great for finding and identifying inventory. but its pretty terrible for physically interacting with it.
Honored Sweeper
I would love remote deployments for users, as I am always out and about and get a software install request.
Engaged Sweeper
There still is no app and I agree, this would be an amazing thing to have for LanSweeper especially for push notifications and easy help desk management. We used to use Spiceworks helpdesk and they have a great app that helped us respond to tickets quickly.

Also Spiceworks Helpdesk is free.


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