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Engaged Sweeper III
Hi there,

I love the relational mapping feature, but I think it would be very nice to add "hosted by" or "hosted on" to the list of relations. Especially for users of virtual machines this feature would be great if included by default... I added it myself, with a self-made "VM" icon, but I think my fellow sysops/admins/lansweeper users would love it, too...

Thanks in advance - yours pice !
Lansweeper Alumni
If both the guest and host have been successfully scanned, Lansweeper automatically creates a link, though not in the form of an asset "relation".
- The Lansweeper webpage of the host machine will list the guests hosted on the server.
- The Lansweeper webpage of the guest will list the host in the VMware or Hyper-V field, found in the Summary tab.