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Lansweeper Alumni
Please make a priority list like this:

1) Event viewer summary
2) Report and alert E-mailing
3) Helpdesk
4) ...
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Lansweeper Alumni
I'm going to lock this thread as it's become too long to read through and maintain. If you have additional feature requests, please post them as separate topics in the wish list section of the forum.

Lansweeper 6.0, our next major update that includes a help desk, knowledge base and tons of other new features, has been in beta for a few weeks now. We're not sharing the beta publicly yet, but you can contact to be added to our list of beta testers and receive information on the beta. (Include "beta" in the title of your email.)
Champion Sweeper
Can I assume that Lansweeper 6.0 will be released this year?
Engaged Sweeper III
I'm really looking forward to the Helpdesk System

I would like to see:

  • Improvements in Email Reporting / Schedules.
  • The license management be made more comprehensive for various license types.
  • Real Time Network Monitoring.

Champion Sweeper III
Not sure if it's on there, didn't want to read 3 pages of stuff.

I think the biggest thing needed is a way to cancel a deployment. This is a MUST. I had one time, I pushed out a package and the first couple that got it had an issue. I had no way to stop the package from going to the rest.

Also, deployments that can trigger other deployments. We have several pieces of standard software that gets installed on all machines. We have individual packages for each, but then a package that installs all. We have to manage commands for both if there are any changes. A package with steps that trigger other packages would allow us to just manage one package, would be awesome.
Engaged Sweeper
A help desk, so a user can log in, submit a ticket, and have their asset information in the ticket automagically.
Engaged Sweeper II
1) Software Authorization - Authorize software by Publisher

EDIT: Just to clarify, I mean for an option to make this perpetual. For example, if I authorize anything and everything from "Microsoft Corporation", then everything that I currently have by Microsoft Corporation is authorized, and any new software that gets added will dynamically be authorized if it is also from Microsoft Corporation, without the need for me to continuously manually authorize new versions of software.
Engaged Sweeper II
1) Helpdesk solution
2) User custom fields, like the ones on Assets
3) Knowledgebase
Engaged Sweeper II
I'll second a network map. Bonus if we can have the ability to put the individual ports of a switch/router on a location map instead of just assets. This would allow us to map all the network ports to a locations on the map. Since assets can make associations with the network ports on the switch we could easily where any device is based on the network port it is plugged into (since they are usually within 6-10' of the network jack)
Engaged Sweeper III
I don't know if this has been requested yet or not but a network map would be nice.