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Resolved! Minor annoyance - change ticket attributes

In the Actions menu if I select the Change action I can easily change the State of the ticket directly from the drop down menu.If I want to change something else, such as Priority or Type, a pop-up occurs and then I have to change the item in the pop...

RKacz by Engaged Sweeper II
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Resolved! Email Template parameters and autoreply

Hello,I am a brand new user of the Lansweeper Suite and the options are a little overwhelming but informative. My company is moving away from Spiceworks and we are trying to figure out the markup language of the help desk emails sent out by Lansweepe...

jkrelic by Champion Sweeper
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Resolved! No Asset ID on QR JPG

Hello,When i print an QR code on PDF it will show the AssetID, when i print on JPG (which is great to print it on my Dymo Label) there is no ID visible.Can this be changed?ThanksRobin

dop by Engaged Sweeper III
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Resolved! Open New Ticket in Asset Page.

we need to add New Ticket button to Assets Page (when New Ticket open by Assets Page that Ticket must be link with related Asset. Please let me know how to Do that do or Make necessary Update.

prabashan by Engaged Sweeper II
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Search with FQDN

I wish I could search a PC by FQDN.I know when I begin typing it´s name, it gets automatically completed. But I want to use the link to quicksearch externally for automatic linking to assets and I only can search for FQDNs there, not for netbios name...

Fossy777 by Engaged Sweeper III
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Concurrent license overview

Dear Support,Is it already possible to show a concurrent license on the license compliance. Now we have Autodesk license say 20 and installed om 40 pc's. Now my license report tells me i am missing 20 licenses.It this feature already built in or comi...

pvanlien by Engaged Sweeper III
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Add Custom Field to outgoing email

Does anyone know if it is possible to reference a custom field in an outgoing email in the Help Desk Module? for example, I have created a custom field called Departments. When a ticket is assigned to an agent, I would like the email to show the Use...

rbehm by Engaged Sweeper
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