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Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

What if?

your Lanweeper deployment package is ending with result: Package timeout reached. Unknown last result 

How does it work?

The deployment module iterates through the below steps when deploying to a computer:

  • Using scanning credentials, RemoteDeployment_x64.exe is written to the local computer, it is stored in the Windows\LsDeployment folder.
  • All the details of the deployment package are written to the local computer's registry. The information is stored in the registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\lansweeper
  • A scheduled task is created on the local computer using scanning credentials. This is the scheduled task you're seeing in the local task scheduler of the target computer.
  • The scheduled task is executed and calls RemoteDeployment_x64.exe with a GUID parameter to refer it to the correct registry location. Your Run Mode credentials are used for this.
  • RemoteDeployment_x64 executes the deployment package according to the steps stored in the local registry.
  • If the package share is used in a deployment step, the file is read out from the share directly, using your package share credentials.

The message "package timeout reached" indicates that your package did not finish within the time you defined as the Max Duration for the deployment package.

What can be causing this?

This could have several reasons: 

  • No Stop(Success) and no Stop(Failure) were defined as the following action in the last step of the package. You can change your deployment steps when you select the package under Deployment\Packages.
  • The execution of the steps took longer than the Max Duration defined for the package. You can increase the Max Duration when you select the package under Deployment\Packages.
  • User interaction was required during the package execution, e.g. the user was required to confirm a dialog or close an application.
  • The computer froze or rebooted before giving back a result for the last package step.


To solve the issue you are seeing, you should:

  • Review your package and manually test each step on a target machine.
  • Copy the Command of your step and manually run it in Command Prompt on a target machine to see if it works.
    • Replace {packageshare} with the UNC path of your package share as defined under Deployment\Security Options.
  • This should help you identify the cause of the issue.

Only when the command works silently and within the allotted time in Command Prompt, it will also work in the Lansweeper Deployment module.

Some customers report that their antivirus software intercepts the RemoteDeployment_x64.exe on the target machines. If you are facing the above issue, you should ensure your anti-virus software is not flagging RemoteDeployment_x64.exe on the target devices.


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