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Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

We have customers writing about the Helpdesk web console search locking up. The Lansweeper Helpdesk appears to be nonfunctional, although other parts of the web console seem to work fine.

These customers are experiencing issues with broken filters when adding too many filter objects. 
E.g. You have 20 ticket states, 20 ticket types, and you filter all your tickets, selecting 19 of the 20 ticket states

We ran some tests in our lab environment and were able to replicate the issue. The breaking point seems to be when filtering for 16 or more ticket states in one search. This can vary depending on your environment.





Unfortunately, there is currently NO FIX to be included in future releases. 

Our current roadmap is focused on offering seamless Lansweeper cloud integrations to popular, industry-leading Helpdesk and Service Desk products, such as ServiceNow and others. We are committed to continuing to support the Lansweeper Helpdesk application. We will continue to monitor all our customer needs for the Lansweeper Helpdesk application and the 3rd party help desk applications our customers use and wish to use with Lansweeper.

How can you spot the issue? 

For the concerned Helpdesk user, the Lansweeper Helpdesk appears to be nonfunctional. Other parts of the Lansweeper console remain operational. You see high resource consumption for your SQL processes. 

You can see the below error in the web error log (Program Files (x86)\Lansweeper\Website\App_Data\web_errorlog.txt). 

(500) https://<yoururl>/widgets/AssetOverview.aspx?TabControlID=215&_=1534234208664 : DELETE FROM htblsavedcustomfilters WHERE userid = @p1 Transaction (Process ID 163) was deadlocked on lock resources with another process and has been chosen as the deadlock victim. Rerun the transaction. at LS.DB.ExecuteDataset(String commandText, IDbDataParameter[] parameterValues) at LS.WS.HelpdeskActions2.SaveFilterTabs(WebUser user)

What next?

The Lansweeper Helpdesk will lock up if a user/agent runs a search with the criteria mentioned above.  To resolve the issue, you must identify users that are experiencing the issue and remove unsaved filter tabs. 

You'll be running SQL scripts, so backup your installation before running any SQL script. 

After backing up your installation, run the below SQL code to retrieve the UserID value for all accounts experiencing the issue.




Select userid, 
userdomain+ '\'+username as [User] 
from htblusers
Order by [User]




The below script will close all unsaved filter tabs a user has opened in the help desk, e.g. searches that were recently performed. You should replace the value for userid="1" with the UserIDs retrieved from the previous script. The script currently contains the userID of the built-in admin. 




Delete from htblsavedcustomfilters where userid = 1




Once you have deleted all unsaved filter tabs, you should restart your Lansweeper web server service (IIS Express or World Wide Web Publishing).

Note that this will end all active user sessions.

How can you prevent future lockups?

While running the tests in our lab environment, we found the breaking point when filtering for 16 or more ticket states in one search. This can vary depending on your environment. We recommend not exceeding the 16-ticket state breakpoint. 

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