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Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

You want to link your on-premise Lansweeper installation with Lansweeper Cloud (aka Lansweeper Sites), but the connection fails because the Lansweeper server cannot reach the required endpoints. 

What happened?

Lansweeper Sites relies on several URLs to serve your requests. If these URLs cannot be reached, the connection will fail. For an overview of the relevant URLs, see Cloud requirement: web server internet access.  

Now what?

To resolve your connection issues, whitelist the URLs on your firewall, as mentioned in the provided article. This ensures that the Lansweeper server can access the required endpoints.

Not allowed to use wildcards or hostnames? 

If your security appliance is not able to work with aliases, or if your company policy restricts you from using wildcards, things get a bit trickier. 

Our Cloud platform is hosted on AWS in the EU-West-1 region and utilizes CloudFront. Due to the dynamic nature of Cloud Service Providers like AWS, we cannot provide a detailed list of IP addresses. The URLs listed in the provided article are DNS hostnames with variable IP addresses, and these will change over time.

To retrieve the current IP addresses associated with the DNS hostnames, the nslookup command can be used.
For example:


> nslookup
Server:  mydns

Non-authoritative answer:



Do note that DNS resolving will vary and is controlled by AWS. For more information regarding the IP ranges used by AWS, refer to the AWS documentation which explains how to determine the IP ranges for AWS.

If whitelisting by URL name is not possible within your infrastructure, exempting the Lansweeper scanning server itself may be a possible solution.

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