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Engaged Sweeper
Hello all,

So i have created 2 custom date fields:

1. 1st Half - Cleaning Date
2. 2nd Half - Cleaning Date

I am having trouble figuring out how to create an alert, which will email someone when one of these dates are reached.

So for example:

Bob's computer has a 1st Half - Cleaning Date set to April 10th 2017... When that date is reached an email goes to IT Guy Sam to let him know.
Engaged Sweeper
I managed to get it working finally.

What I had to do was remove one of those Date fields first. Then create a new report and add the remaining date field to it.

I gave the remaining date field the Criteria of = Convert(date,GetDate())

After that, whenever the current date matched the date in that field it would appear in the report.
Lansweeper Alumni
Unfortunately, due to the way the asset custom field is stored in the database, you can't easily compare it to a date in a report. All asset custom field data, due to its very nature is stored as a varchar, and can't be directly converted to a date. Furthermore, when you go the other way and convert getdate() to a varchar you run into a date formatting issue leaving the strings not directly comparable.

This means that the report you're looking for can unfortunately not be created without employing some advanced SQL techniques, or perhaps not at all.