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Paid Report Writer Service

Does anyone know of a paid report writer I can leverage? I want to pay someone to develop reports on the fly as needed. Is Anyone freelancing here with this? Thanks!

ChrisnlBC by Engaged Sweeper
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Multiple Computers per User

I our environment, everyone has one computer. However, there are some people who have been issued two. In this case, both computers are listed as Windows Computers Logged Into under the user profile. How can I generate a report that lists users wi...

brodiemac2 by Champion Sweeper
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Workstations with No AV

The built in report has started to produce some false positives. We use McAfee ENS, and in the Anti Virus list we have included 'McAfee Threat Protection' as that is the component we are looking for. There are several machines listed each day in the ...

daveyh by Engaged Sweeper II
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AV Audit Report

Good afternoon all,Hope you're keeping well?We have a requirement to confirm that all clients and servers in the business are upto date with the latest version of our AV.I know Lansweeper has the two reports 'Servers without anti-virus software' and ...

Erny328 by Engaged Sweeper
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Duplicate Servers without AV

Hello, I am using the built in lansweeper report for servers without anti-virus. However when I do that I am getting some duplicate machines. Any chance someone with more knowledge would be able to help me?Select Top 1000000 tblAssets.AssetID, tblAs...

ddanks by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Filtering software report by OU

I have this report that finds assets that don't have a particular piece of software. How can I add a filter to only return computers in a specific OU? In this case 'OU=Computers'. Here is the existing script, my SQL knowledge is lacking and I keep ru...

TylerO by Engaged Sweeper II
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Assets discovered in a specific location?

I'm currently using the following report to identify new assets discovered in a location, in order to discover anything that pops up:Select Top 1000000 tblAssets.AssetID, tblAssets.AssetName, tblAssets.Domain, tsysAssetTypes.AssetTypename As Asset...