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Engaged Sweeper III
There are a bunch of reports that could use a little tweaking and I unfortunately do not know enough to tweak them myself haha. For example there are a couple that have to do with windows 10 but are missing information for newer versions so they show up as unpatched.

The bluekeep vulnerability report (I believe) does not look for the patches for Dejablue (CVE-2019-1181, CVE-2019-1182, CVE-2019-1222, CVE-2019-1226).

For the SWAPGS Vulnerability Audit can it ignore versions of windows that are not affected? (It currently only goes up to version 1903 so I have almost 1k computers showing up as unpatched because they are the latest version of windows 10 (2009)).

Is it possible a person could go through all the past reports and do a little updating/optimizing?
Engaged Sweeper III
If support from lansweeper cannot do this can somebody from the community help me out?